''100% Eco Green Leisure Boats"

The Future,Now

NO CO2​ Emissions,

NO Noise

NO Fuel cost

Meet Our Team 

Our journey started in October 2014. A dedicated technical team worked hard to develop the most innovative,feasible and reliable technology in the field of sustainable energy and e-mobility.

We have been so stressed, sometimes disappointed but we never lost hope that we will succeed. 

We believed in sustainability and our love of the environment to provide the MENA region with that advanced technology from Germany to keep the environment safe for future  generations.

8 Km/h 
8 Hours,

ONE Full Charge

Sun Is
 Powerful & Clean 
100% Eco Green Boats
We innovate 100% Green sustainable Boats for Leisure and Transportation ,Our Innovation vary from 8 Passengers up to commercial size Ferries